Electronic Dog Fence Info

Beagle dogsDo you have a wandering pooch that never seems to stay home? Well it might be a good idea to try an electronic fence. Yes it can be tiresome apologizing to your neighbors about your dog getting into their trash cans and making a mess. Life can be easier with one of these fences. It is less costly to use one of these electronic dog fence because there is no need for a physical fence made of wood or some other material.

The fence kits come with a pre punched collar so that the receiver can be attached in different positions on the collar for the comfort of the dog and optimum reception. Outdoor receiver stakes are use to control your dog which are placed around the perimeter of where you want to keep your pet in at. Indoors signal shields are used keep your pet out of an area, be it dog or cat.

Electronic fence collars can be used indoors or outdoors. If you want to train your dog to stay out of an area like maybe the dining room or kids room with this system it is possible. The kit uses micro shields that can be plugged into any electrical outlet which then allows a signal to be broadcast to the pet’s collar giving a small electric shock that will not harm your pet. Using this method indoors allows you to train your dog completely and humanly. To prevent your dog from leaving the yard by use of transmitter stakes and a receiver on the collar which delivers an electric shock when your pet attempts to leave the yard. The intensity of the shock can be adjusted so that it can be increased or decrease depending on the need.


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